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Looking After Your Touch-Needs Doll

The Touch-Needs dolls are designed for professionals working in particular environments.  In order to keep your doll looking its best, so that it is a worthy rolemodel tool, we advise the following:

For all regular, semi weighted and fully weighted dolls

When not in use:

  • Keep the doll in a clean, dry environment
  • Keep the doll in a colourfast bag, preferably by itself
  • If possible, dress the doll in hat, gloves and socks

When in use:

  • If exposing the soft-body of the doll (such as for baby massage classes) we advise the use of a washable overbody - which will lengthen the life of your doll considerably
  • After use, wipe clean the hard-plastic body parts.

NB: the 'hard' plastic has a certain flexibility to it, to make for a realistic demonstration. It is advisable to keep the dolls away from pens, material/clothing that is not colourfast, as once any colour permeates, it can not be removed.

For aqua dolls

When not in use:

  • Keep in a dry, warm environment
  • Do not contain the doll (i.e. such as in a bag), so it can be allowed to dry as much as possibly between swim sessions
  • Allow space around the doll, to improve the drying potential

When in use:

  • Consider the water environment. We are unable to take responsibility for disintegration of the material once submerged, as we are not able to control the environment (i.e. chemical composition of the pool) the dolls swim in