50cm Birthing/Newborn doll

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Our 50cm birthing demonstration doll is the size of an average full-term baby and comes with a detachable umbilical cord and placenta.  This doll has realistic facial and body features and clearly defined anterior and posterior fontanelles. The umbilical cord and placenta can be removed, if not required by breastfeeding counsellors, or for parentcraft classes.

Need a Female Pelvis?

If wishing to use the doll as a birthing tool, we recommend the 3B Scientific Female Pelvis.

The doll has realistic facial and body features Representative of a real baby.
When using the doll a demonstration will be a convincing representation of what is to be expected with a baby

The same size of an average full-term baby

Approximate weight: 1.15kg

When accompanied by an anatomically correct model female pelvis:
  • Allows for a convincing, lifelike demonstration of the birth
  • Allows for demonstration of occipital anterior & occipital posterior presentations
Soft bodied middle, including arms to below the elbows and legs to below the knees The doll also allows for a clear demonstration of, for example:
  • Nappy care
  • Top and tailing
  • Car seat positioning for the first journey home from hospital
  • Allows the practitioner to efficiently manipulate the body through the pelvis
  • Allows the practitioner to clearing demonstrate breastfeeding positions
  • Allows for more realistic handling when used to:
  • Demonstrate positioning for breastfeeding
Weighted body and head

Allows parents who have never handled a baby before gain confidence by handling the doll

Clearly defined anterior and posterior fontanelle Useful visual tool for discussion and demonstration concerning the fontanelles.

Clearly indicates both the positioning and characteristics of the fontanelles
Realistic soft palette Allows for  a demonstration of the examination of  the soft palette
Removable umbilical cord and placenta

Gives freedom of choice to the practitioner to decide whether to demonstrate with or without these

Visual aid for when describing delivery of placenta

Lifelike feet and hands

Allows for a demonstration of the Guthrie test on the feet

Allows for and demonstration of the crease test Re: Down's Syndrome

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