Overbodies (Protective)

To preserve the life of your Touch-Needs doll we have had designed a special flesh coloured 'protective, washable overbody', to protect it when used for massage demonstration.

The overbody fits the soft-bodied parts of the doll like a glove and acts as a second skin, preventing the material of the doll from becoming prematurely dirty.

The ribs and bellybutton are outlined to support hand positioning during chest and abdominal strokes on the 60cm doll overbodies. The overbody replicates an oiled body making for easier massage demonstration.

Our overbodies are specifically made for the Touch-Needs dolls.  They are available for both 60cm (3-4 month size) semi-weighted and regular weighted (unweighted) dolls.

You will find, for the 60cm (3/4 month size) dolls, the light coloured overbody is perfect for the Caucasian and East Asian dolls; the medium coloured overbody is the best match for the Asian doll; and the dark coloured one is best for the Afro-Caribbean doll.

You will find the dark overbody is the best match for the 60cm (3/4 month size) Afro-Caribbean doll...


If you have bought either a Caucasian or East Asian doll, you will find the light overbody is the best match...


You will find the medium colour overbody is the best match for the 60cm (3/4 month size) Asian doll...


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