Overbodies with Bowel and Arrows Diagram

All of our overbodies preserve the life of your Touch-Needs doll (60cm doll), but our most recent addition to the overbody range can help you teach the strokes on the abdomen.  A a rudimentary diagram of the large intestine, with arrows indicating the direction in which to massage are also included on this more specialised overbody.

Specialised, but still with the many features our standard overbodies have:

  • Protective, preventing the material of the doll from becoming prematurely dirty
  • Washable
  • Fits the soft-bodied parts of the doll like a glove and acts as a second skin
  • Replicates an oiled body making for easier massage demonstration
  • Available in light, medium or dark colours.

These overbodies are specifically made for the 60cm Touch-Needs dolls in mind.

The dark overbody is suitable for the Touch-Needs 60cm Afro-Caribbean doll...


The light overbody is suitable for the Touch-Needs Caucasian and East Asian 60cm dolls...


The medium colour overbody is suitable for the Touch-Needs 60cm Asian doll...


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