60cm Regular (unweighted) Caucasian Doll

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Currently out of stock.  Due date - mid May.

Realistic facial features and an expression that says 'yes' to massage Representative of a real baby
Supports role-modelling
Enhances the facilitator's guidance to parents about finding the right time for babies and the importance of their baby saying yes' to massage
The size of an average 3 month old baby The perfect size to demonstrate clearly, whilst remaining representative of the babies in the class

The standard 60cm doll allows for a clear demonstration of:
  • Baby massage
  • Real nappies application
  • Hand and feet imprint moulds
Also, makes for the perfect spare doll, so that parents with sleeping babies can still practise the strokes during the class time (great for the kinaesthetic learners in your class)
Ribs and bellybutton outlined Enhances the Infant Massage Teachers demonstration of the accurate hand positioning for the tummy and chest strokes when teaching (particularly useful for the visual learners in your class)
Soft bodied middle, including the arms (to below the elbows) and the legs (to below the knees) Offers flexibility and a full range of movements that are required during a demonstration
Lifelike feet and hands, with relaxed fingers and toes Allows for clear demonstration of massage strokes (particularly useful for the visual learners in your class)
Multi-ethnic models

Allows the group facilitator to use a resource that is representative of the audience they are teaching

Supports role-modelling

Light weight

Less than 1.5kg, so easy to transport and carry around.

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