60cm / 1.6kg Asian doll

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We stock a range of multi-cultural dolls, including: Caucasian, Afro-Caribbean, Asian and East Asian.

The semi weighted dolls have the same characteristics as the regular and fully weighted 60cm baby massage demonstration dolls, but the weights, in the semi weighted doll, give a greater sense of balance and general realistic feel to demonstration of exercises or necessary limb manipulation. (For babywearing, see fully weighted dolls and for a lighter baby massage demonstration doll, see regular dolls)

The partly weighted head, body and limbs allow for a realistic demonstration of yoga moves and poses that are commonly carried out in a baby yoga class.  Though not suitable to be used in water, the semi-weighted doll is so well balanced, it actually floats in water like a baby, so a teacher has all the benefits of a lifelike tool, without the weight!  The flexible, soft-bodies parts of the doll allow for a full range of movements.

All the dolls help to reaffirm the need for positive cues to the parents because all the dolls have a facial expression that says 'yes' to yoga and massage and their eyes do not close when lying flat.

The semi weighted doll is the most useful size and weight for physiotherapists requiring a doll to demonstrate to parents (online or face-to-face) with infants around 3 to 6 months old.

Realistic facial features and an expression that says yes to massage, yoga and fun-time exercises Representative of a real baby
Supports role-modelling
Enhances the facilitator's guidance to parents about finding the right time for babies and the importance of their baby saying yes to an activity
The size of an average 3 month old baby The perfect size to demonstrate clearly, whilst remaining representative the babies in the class

The weighted, 60cm doll allows for a realistic demonstration of:
  • Baby massage
  • Baby Yoga
  • Rhyme Kids(R) exercises
  • Car seat positioning
  • Real nappies application
  • Hand and feet imprint moulds
Also, as the weights are appropriately distributed in the head, body and limbs the sense of realism, when handling the doll, is enhanced
Coming soon:  Weighted dolls with the ribs and bellybutton outlined (all models will include this feature early to mid 2011) Enhances the Infant Massage Teachers instruction of the accurate hand positioning of the tummy and chest strokes when teaching (particularly useful for the visual learners in your class)
Soft bodied middle, including the arms (to below the elbows) and the legs (to below the knees) Offers flexibility and a full range of movements that are required during a demonstration
Lifelike feet and hands, with relaxed fingers and toes Allows for clear demonstration of massage strokes (particularly useful for the visual learners in your class)
Multi-ethnic models

Allows the group facilitator to use a resource that is representative of the audience they are teaching

Supports role-modelling

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