42 cm Regular Dolls

This specifically designed doll is perfect as a demonstration doll for teaching positive touch, containment holds and massage for the premature baby.

This doll is also useful as a parentcraft demonstration tool.

It is 42cm in length with a soft body and flexible arms and legs. It has a facial expression that says 'yes' to massage and it's eyes do not close when lying flat. The hands are open to allow for correct demonstration of hand massage. Caucasian (blue eyed) or Afro-Caribbean models are available.

Realistic facial and body featuresRepresentative of a "real" baby
Supports role-modelling

The size of a pre-term baby

Weight - 0.5kg

The perfect size to demonstrate clearly, whilst remaining representative of the babies in the neonatal unit

The 42cm doll, allows for a clear demonstration of:
  • Positive touch
  • Baby massage
  • Breastfeeding positioning
  • Containment holds
  • Kangaroo Care
  • Swaddling
Soft bodied middle, including the arms (to below the elbows) and the legs (to below the knees)Offers flexibility and a full range of movements when required during a demonstration
Lifelike feet and hands, with "relaxed" fingers and toesAllows for clear demonstration of massage strokes

42 cm Regular Afro-Caribbean Doll



42cm Regular Caucasian Doll



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