42cm Fully Weighted Dolls

The Touch-Needs 42cm (premature size) fully weighted demonstration doll has been especially designed with the needs of babywearing consultants in mind.  This size doll is great for demonstrating containment and carrying techniques in relevant slings.

The fully weighted dolls have the same characteristics as the regular 42cm baby massage demonstration doll, but the extra weights give a greater sense of balance and general realistic feel to the demonstration.

We now stock both the Caucasian (blue eyed) and Afro-Caribbean dolls that are already available in the regular range.

Realistic facial featuresRepresentative of a "real" baby
Supports role-modelling

Representative of length and weight of a premature baby

Approximate weight: 1.8kg

The perfect size to demonstrate clearly

The weighted 42cm doll allows consultants to comfortably and realistically demonstrating carrying a baby in relevant slings

The weights are appropriately distributed in the head, body and limbs so the sense of realism, when handling the doll, is enhanced

Soft bodied middle, including the arms (to below the elbows) and the legs (to below the knees)Offers flexibility and comfort during the demonstration
Two different ethnic types

Allows the consultant to use a resource that is representative of the audience they are working with

Supports role-modelling

Not the Right Size?  We have:

Also available, the 50cm (newborn size) 60cm (3 - 4 month size), 85cm (toddler size) fully weighted demonstration dolls. 





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