'Hug in a Bottle', 50ml Bottle with Disc Lid

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Our 50ml 'Hug in a Bottle' massage oil bottle with disc lid has a lovely, simple design that works with all types of massage oil, allowing you the space to include your own oil identifying label on it as well.

The 50ml plastic bottle is the most ozone friendly bottle on the market at present, as it is recyclable and free from PVC. The clear plastic allows you to check the oil before use and the disk lid enables you to have quick and easy access to the bottles content, as well as reducing the risk of spillage.

The 50 ml bottle has many features that provide benefits for both the user and the environment:

Features Benefits
Clear plastic Allows the user to see the contents of the bottle clearly
Pre formed, injection moulded neck Ensures for a perfectly compatible closure fitment
Disk lid Allows for easy access, with minimum leakage and less potential for spillage
Attractive design and shape Aesthetically pleasing to the eye and can make a lovely gift
Tough and strong Durable and cuts down the possibility of oil spillage due to damage
Uses less energy to recycle than glass A help to the environment

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